The woman in the mirror needs to
become who she is

Think about this: what brought you to this site?  Were you were browsing and something caught your eye, was it an ad, and link by link, you were led here.  Or, perhaps, you are trying to search your way out of your life as is to the one you know you should be in and belong to?  Whatever it was something struck you and you want something answered.

If you feel unrelated to who you are being in your current life and think there is a much better version of you and a life you should be that fits you, then you will find what you need here. 


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you wonder why you’re a stranger to your true personality?

  • Can you not accept the reality of who you’re being and living as?

  • Can you no longer pretend to be someone so unlike you and keep living a dull life that’s wrong for you?

  • Do you have a taste for things addictive?

  • Do you never get close to what you want to be and do?


If you answered Yes to any of the above, I might be able to help.

If you choose to work with me, we’ll uncover:

  • Who you really are underneath who you’re pretending to be

  • What’s real, and what’s false, about you

  • What you want, and who and what you need to be to get it

  • How to control taking to things that aren’t good for you

  • Why you can’t benefit from your true potential


I offer my programs via workshops and one-on-one consulting.  Using five strategies, we define what you’re about and the version of you required to connect you with the life you want to lead.


The five steps:


Ⅰ.  Connect with who you are


Ⅱ.  Banish your false self

Ⅲ.  Know your inner enemies

Ⅳ.  Focus your thinking on you

Ⅴ.  Clarify your version of yourself



First, we’ll discuss what distinguishes who you are and who you aren’t.  Then we’ll work on converting your self-belief (you’ll have loads, it’s just likely against you) over to correctly balanced so it’s conducive to what you want.  Finally, we’ll decide what you want to be about and how you’ll make that person real.


This means you:

— Enact who you are so you, and your life, finally start

— Stop being who you’re not and searching for your life

— No longer need things (for feelings) to break up your dull, apathetic life

— Correct, to yourself, what you and other people think of you to what’s accurate and beneficial

— Decide what you’re about and what you want


Workshops – 1 hour

I think there’s a link between our thinking and the “size” of our lives, and that to some of us, mainstream rhetoric doesn’t apply.  I have an alternative view of thinking that resonates with people who feel unknown, silent, and somehow restrained.  If we update what we think about ourselves and the conclusions we’ve made about our lives and our positions in the world, we can heave off the heaviest burden of all.

Fee: $10 AUD

What to expect one-on-one

We’ll work in a neatly structured way, taking each strategy from start to finish in a very specific order.  Each strategy makes one standard full program and one alone will unlock a part of you.  All sessions are offered online (Zoom or Skype), by phone, or FaceTime to make access easy.

Special Offering

Trying something for the first time can be challenging.  I also know that spending a lot of money to see if you’re the right fit with someone can be a significant barrier to even starting the process.  That’s why, if you’re considering enrolling in one of my programs, I’ll offer you an initial 45-minute session for $100.  If you go ahead and book a program, I’ll reduce my posted fee by $100.

Fee: $100 AUD


Headway, the standard full program, is eight one-on-one sessions in four months.  Our first session is 90-minutes and the remaining seven are 60-minutes.

Fee: $2,000 AUD


I also offer Momentum, a more support-heavy program, for those who are seeking significantly more time with me.  I only take 3 clients per season for this private, individual offering, which slightly more than doubles the time above.  We will have sixteen one-on-one sessions in four months.  Four will be ninety minutes long and the remaining twelve sessions sixty minutes each.

Fee: $4,000 AUD

I promise to show up and bring you what I know.  It would be disingenuous to guarantee any particular results but you have my commitment to give you my best thought and to have genuine conversation about how you can make the changes and choices you need to make.  If in our first session together, it’s apparent we’re not a good fit, I will gladly refund that payment.

Contact me to ask any questions and to discuss my services.