Why Her Addictive Tendencies

Jane is in constant motion toward an understanding, forever trying to find it, but she’s blind to the destructive actions of her search.  Her constant need for intense emotion set her up for unhealthy relationships with alcohol, men, and risky, impulsive behaviour, without any regard for consequences.   But here lies a very important observation: those …

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True Loneliness Occurs When You’re Not Connected To Yourself

Jane feels lonely both by herself and in the company of others.  It’s something she’s never read or heard about, so she doesn’t know it; but it’s always been there.  It feels like this: with herself and with others, unheard, misunderstood, without meaning or importance, unenthusiastic, cold, lame, disinterested, inauthentic, and forced, short replies. What is …

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Jane Knows She’s Different

She doesn’t appear that way to other people, not immediately, not until she interacts, i.e. starts speaking without expression, staring a little too long.  Jane lacks the charm, originality, and charisma that other people seem to naturally have.   While her intelligence and ability have always been strong, they’ve never transpired into anything substantial because she …

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