Consulting for people who pretend who they are, hate their lives, and feel galaxies away from who they can and should be

How to become who you are & want

You’re unhappy because your life doesn’t match who you are — find her to reverse that

Often, I will ask a woman, “Are you totally different to the woman living your life?”  She will say, “Yes.”

When I ask, “And you don’t like who you pretend to be or the life you are in?”  She says, “No.”

When I ask her, “If you didn’t pretend would you know who to be?”  She looks at me, suddenly realising she doesn’t know the very part she is after.

We can feel so wrong and hollow and in such pain and confusion that running from it is all that matters. There’s no space to think of where to or why we unravelled.


Feeling alone and unknown while being someone else in a life that’s not yours is a cruel torture play.  We hold for the day something unlocks and changes, so we and life can finally start, but are in no way living.  We can’t be so sure that day will come?  It hasn’t yet.  Hopes and dreams are good at keeping you going but not as options out.


If you can find who you are, and how to become her, you will have a life that’s yours


Deep down, you know you are unique, intelligent, and loaded with potential but right now, you’re the complete opposite of this woman.  For some reason, your potential isn’t in your life.  In fact, it never has been.  You are repeatedly let down, kept out, disappointed, and shocked.  Nothing you try works, nothing positive ever transpires.  You’re far from okay, from who you really are, and what you could and should be.  The dichotomy between your current self and your real one stings your soul. 


Do you…? 

  • Live as someone else, not really existing?

  • Abhor the plain, simple character you pretend to be and the dull, slow life you’re in?

  • Have an addictive personality, i.e. relationships with the wrong men, drink and each too much, counterproductive behaviour?

  • Know you’re smart, capable, and brilliant but for some reason can’t enact or benefit from it?

  • Feel like a failure who is totally alone?


You don’t have to struggle alone, waiting for your current life to stop and your real one to start.  You just need to know what to change, why, and how to do it to make it happen.  Read my coaching page for more details.


I’ve been there…

Hi!  I’m Melinda Harper, a life coach and the founder of RYT.  I believe that we feel unknown and silent and misplaced in our lives when we have detached from our real selves and turned away.  I say this knowing full well the depth of some women’s heartache and hurt, how misunderstood they feel, and the pain of knowing you’re different, but not how or why.  

If you know who and what you could be but feel shut from it, please watch my videos and read my work.  It’s nearly all free. 

If you and your life are not close to what they should be, reverse them

Women who have used RYT before have:

  • Not known how to become the woman they actually are and get to their life that fits them;

  • Known they were different, and that they could get past this difference if they knew how;

  • Felt far more capable than their lives, experiences, and relationships indicated;

  • Found the conventional approach to them and their problems simplistic and banal.  They wanted their intelligence, depth, complexity, and what they were vying for to be grasped and understood;

  • Clearly defined who they are, what they want, and what they need to do and be to get it. 


RYT can help in a few different ways.


If you’re lost and confused and want to know who you are, here are some places to start:

  1. Download my free 10 Pathways To You (PDF), a how to; understand who you are and what you want

  2. Explore my YouTube channel and Blog for more about my philosophy and approach

  3. Read about my workshops and consulting with me privately


If parts of this relate back to where you are and you would like to be in touch please click here.